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The World’s System of Authority has infiltrated…to where it is accepted as the Norm.

For centuries the church world as worked under worldly concepts and structures of authority believing they are acceptable in the kingdom of God.


The acceptance of the worldly concept of authority and the hierarchy structure of power has deceived those in its grip into believing they have power to rule over people, to enforce their will, their opinions and their decisions upon those people they deem to be under them.


The worldly concept of submission means subservience and unquestionable acceptance of what they believe, teach and require.

If a believer has this understanding that this is kingdom authority he opens himself to subtle satanic deception. In their genuine desire to please God, they submit to an hierarchy structure thinking they are pleasing God.


They do not understand that this is not Godly submission nor that such allegiance actually hinders spiritual maturity and growth of believers and is also an hindrance to the purpose of God’s kingdom.

To come to maturity in Christ believers must understand how authority in the Kingdom of God functions, with a further understanding that we are not to submit, because of world systems, to wrong, deceived leadership seduced by worldly patterns that has crept into the “church”.


Submission to the Headship of Christ is Godly, submission to other believers is subject to one criterion. Do the people we submit to love unconditionally with the loving concern that Christ be formed in us.

If the people we submit to are more interested in getting us to conform to their beliefs, doctrines or the bylaws of their religious denominated organization they call “church”, and we fall for it, we will find ourselves in bondage to the religious system.


Belonging to a “church” presided over by a pastor or elders and submitting to them is not necessarily submission in the sense of Godly submission. We may be submitting to someone that has been placed in authority by man through the worldly hierarchical system.

We need to realize that in the Kingdome of God every concept and principle is totally opposite to those in the world system.. After all…who runs the world system…is it not Satan?


Coercion, manipulation, rejection and even force are the characteristics by which the worldly system is exercised, to its detriment, the same characteristics are found and practiced by the denominated “churches”.


This is clear rebellion against the command of Jesus, who forbids the exercise of worldly authority in His Kingdom according to Matt. 20:25-27, “You know the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them, IT IS NOT SO AMONG YOU, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall ‘be your slave.”


The words of Jesus are not taken seriously by denominated Christians, causing a powerful spirit of deception to deceive them blinding them to the fact that Jesus is our ultimate authority. People are so deceived by religious tradition and acceptant of worldly concepts that, ironically, they use scripture verses to contradict Jesus’ teaching and then follow their wrong understanding of the verses rather than adhere to the teaching of Jesus. Jesus made it clear that those who lead in His Church are not to lord it over others or exercise their authority the way the world does.


In the Kingdom of God we are to lead by becoming servants of the people we lead. Leaders are no to lead any different than Jesus, who never coerced anyone to submit to Him.


Jesus is not a control freak, He gives instructions and then allows His disciples to obey or disobey Him. He doe not threaten, manipulate or coerces them into submission. And get this, He never rejects, shuns, or stops loving them when they disobey! WOW! What an example of GRACE!


The way authority is wielded in the world system is not the way of authority in His Church. The way believers should see authority is diametrically opposed to the concept of the world. Leaders in the Kingdom of God are to be servants of  the ones they lead and instruct and authority is not to be exercised  by appealing to  the “office of pastor” in order to make people submit to them, for in His Church there is no such office. Manipulation is not used in the form of the promise of reward, promotion or to raise one’s status as is done in the religious world. Neither is the threat of a curse, hell or any other thing used to manipulate people! Leaders serves and crucifies their own desires and life for the advancement of people to know God.


Jesus boldly proclaimed the message of God and if His message was rejected He made no attempt to enforce it or beg and plead for people to follow Him. Never. Never does He use spiritual authority to manipulate and control people in any way. In the same way the Holy Spirit will teach, guide and lead but never over-rules our slightest resistance to Him.


It is clear that the scripture teaches us to obey our leaders and to submit to their authority. It is therefore easy to manipulate biblical theology to promote autocratic authority buy a wrong understanding of Church government and produce subservient followers who do not understand the spirit of Kingdom authority.


In the Church that Jesus established He did not envision or teach the clergy/laity status that is accepted as the norm today. This concept is in direct conflict with the teaching of scripture concerning the priesthood of believers with direct access to God. The clergy/laity system is of Babylon is dividing God’s family into class distinction and segregating them from each other by denominational theological doctrine misconceptions.


Not to upset your horse-cart, but apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are NOT CLERGY,. They are ordinary men and women in the Body of Christ. We cannot denominate those gifted people and produce them like we produce doctors, lawyers, in doing so we make the LIERS! Only God can anoint and appoint these essential members of His Church.


The clerical hierarchical imposters which function in the religious systems have no rightful place in the Church of Jesus Christ. The clergy/laity system however functional in religious settings, are opposed to God’s design for His Church. She is a living organism not a religious organization.


We should only submit our lives to authority or leadership in the Body of Christ that demonstrates the love of Christ.


Men and women to whom God has given His authority are not known by a title before their name of letters after their name, neither are they known by offices or their knowledge of scripture. They are to be recognized by their humility and servant hearts of love.


Submission is not a legalistic doctrine because it is found in the New Testament.


Submission is an ATTITUDE of the HEART, a servant-hood heart.


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