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Re-Experiencing God | Experience God and Know Him

Re-Experiencing God | Experience God and Know Him

I have been a Christian for over 25 years.  I have seen God work in wonderful ways.  God has put some real Godly people in my path to help guide me in my walk.  Over the last two years I have felt a drawing closer to God and His Word.  There is more than what I have experienced.  I feel God wants us to be at a deeper level with Him.  I find the more I seek this level the more I get distracted, which tells me to press on as the evil of this world does not want us to be fully equipped by God and for Christ to be formed in us.  I was led to read some books by Christian authors of the past.  This really open my eyes to what a rich experience you can have with God.  Below I am listing the authors of these Spirit led books.  I use the free Amazon Kindle App to read books on my phone, Tablet or PC. Kindle for PC [Download]

Experiencing God

Books by Andrew Murray

Charles Spurgeon Books

A W Tozer Books

Books J C Ryle

Now start to renew your relationship with God.  Be serious about your walk and prayer life.  The Bible says Knowing God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ is Eternal Life.  Don’t miss Knowing Him!

God Bless You!

Ray Spraul

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